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Stain-X Foaming Shampoo 64 oz

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MODEL: CS-8265

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Stain-X Foaming Shampoo 64 oz Description

Stain-X Foaming Shampoo provides highlyconcentrated foam that releases soil from carpet fibersand traps it forquick, easy removal. This product is a synergistic blend of detergentsandcleaners which instantly emulsifies dirt and soils. This unique lowmoistureformula is fast drying and insures against over-wetting your carpet andallowingtraffic back on to the cleaner area sooner. Any residue left behinddries to apowder which is simply vacuumed away. Itis apowerful high foaming cleaners is designed for rotary& brush cleaner, butgentle on the fabric and upholstery beingcleaned.  Safe forall colorfastcarpeting & fabrics, carpet safe pH of 8.0.The Stain-X Foamingis designedwith a five in one formula that deodorizes, degreases, defoams, guardsandremoves stains.  Stain-Xcarpet shampooscan be used with all types of machines including Bissell, Hoover,Sears, Oreck, Regina,Koblenz,Kirby, Eureka,and even rental machines!  Youcan applythe shampoo by hand with a brush. Stain-X Ultra Foaming capret shampoomeet thewarranty requirements for the nation's leading carpet manufacturersincluding,Dupont, Monsanto and Burlington Industries.


  • Recommended foruse with rotary dry foam shampooequipment or with a brush for all types of carpeting (including stainresistant), upholstery & rugs.
  • Before usingalways test for colorfastness in ahidden or inconspicuous area.
  • Follow allinstruction according to machineinstructions.
  • For best resultspretreat tough or old stains andheavy traffic lanes with Stain-X stain remover.
  • Remove furniture& vacuum carpet.

For Use withrotarymachine follow manufacturers directions, our suggested dilution:

  • Normal soil;Mix 4-6oz of Stain-X Ultra Foam carpet shampoo per gallon of water.
  • Heavy soil,Mix 8 oz of Stain-X Ultra Foam carpet shampoo per one gallon of wateror asneeded

For usewith brush, manual cleaning:

  • Normal soil;Mix 4-6oz of Stain-X Ultra Foam carpet shampoo per gallon of water.
  • Heavy soil, Mix8 ozof Stain-X Ultra Foam carpet shampoo per one gallon of water or needed.
  • Brush dampcarpet in one direction using astill brush or pile lifter to permit fast, even drying.

Allow carpet to drythoroughly.  Vacuumthoroughly after carpet is dry andbefore replacing furniture.

Contains detergentswhich may be irritating to theeyes. In case of contact, flush immediately with water. If irritationpersists,consult physician. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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