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Refresher Liquid Spray Fragrance - Wisteria

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MODEL: CS-8444

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Refresher Liquid Spray Fragrance - Wisteria Description

The unique blend of superiorgrade oils delivers a pleasant, long-lasting scent!  

Some of the many uses of this prodcut include:

  • Add Fragrance to your Humidifier
  • Keep Vacuum Cleaner Bags Smelling Clean
  • Remove Musty Smell from Air Filters
  • Freshen Potpourri
  • Make your RV Smell like Home
  • Spray Drapes to Remove the Lingering Dust Odors
  • Cover Pet Odors by Spraying Your Carpet
  • Add Comfort to Your Favorite Throw Blankets andPillows
  • Encourage Relaxation in a Waiting Room at aDoctor's Office

  • 2oz Liquid Fragrance can be used for Filter Queen and Rainbow HomeCleaning Systems:
    • For use with a Filter Queen Vacuum just sprayonto the Felt Air Scent Pad in your vacuum.
    • For use with a Rainbow simply open the cap andadd a few drops to your Water Pan.

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