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Germ Guardian Air Purifiers

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Germ Guardian Air Purifiers Description

As established by the United States EPA, in the past several years, agrowing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air withinhomes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than theoutdoor air, in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90% oftheir time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may begreater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.

The Germ Guardian Complete Air Cleansing System offers six levels ofcleaning to help clean the air in your home while destroying germs andodors.

A dust sensor analyzes the air quality by detecting dust, smoke,pollens and small particles and automatically adjusts to provide anoptimal level of purification.

The six levels of cleaning include:

  • Pre-filter- for larger particles like pet hair and lint
  • Charcoal filter- removes odors, including smoke
  • HEPA filter- captures 99.97% of allergens
  • PCO filter- destroys microorganisms such as bacteria andmold
  • UV light tube- works with the filters to kill germs
  • Ionizer- releases a small amount of negative ions toenhance the cleaning process

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