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Genuine Kirby Foam Aerosol Manufacturer Part No.: 242410S

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MODEL: K-242410

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Genuine Kirby Foam Aerosol Manufacturer Part No.: 242410S Description

This18-ounce can gives consumersthe ability to take the “dry foam” capabilities ofKirby’s renowned carpetshampoo and clean a wide variety of stains quickly and easily. Whetherfacedwith a pet stain on the couch, a food stain in the car, or mud stainson thecarpeted stair steps, Kirby Foam provides users with a cleaner that ispowerfulenough for tough stains, but safe enough for everyday household use.

Manyaerosol spotters that are onthe market leave a sticky, filmy residue that actually attracts moresoil, thatis not the case but with Kirby Foam. Kirby is once again ahead of themarket,utilizing Encapsulation technology that“crystallizes” the dirt particles,allowing them to easily be vacuumed away. This not only removes thestain andany residue, but also the odor.

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