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Genuine HAAN Steam Scent - Freesia

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Genuine HAAN Steam Scent - Freesia Description

Freesia Breeze is a deliciouslyfragrant floral scent that's naturally light and inviting.

Specially created for safe usewith HAAN® Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizers, including the newHAAN® Duo™, Steam Scents™ are safe andgentle on floors and in home environments.


  • Safe and Gentle - Speciallycreated for safe use with HAAN® Steam Cleaning FloorSanitizers, including the HAAN® Duo™.
  • Easy to Use - Simply place afew drops of Steam Scents™ on the smooth side of theUltra-Microfiber Pad and attach the pad as usual.
  • Fresh, Clean Fragrance - Asthe steam is produced, it gently releases the Steam Scents™,filling your home with a delightful, lasting fragrance as you cleanyour floors.
  • 15 ml (.5 fluid oz)

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