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Fresh Wave Spray 2 oz

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MODEL: CS-8339

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Fresh Wave Spray 2 oz Description

Travel Size

Non-toxic and non-irritating, Fresh Wave neutralizes odors without
relying on harmful chemicals. Instead, our products are made up of
natural ingredients, so they’re safe to use around people and

With harsh chemicals, masking fragrances and unknown fillers, you
should be turning your nose up at the contents of traditional air
fresheners. Ditch the aerosol can and experience the unmatched
odor-eliminating power of Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave Spray, 2 oz. Fresh Wave all-natural odor neutralizing spray
eliminates a wide spectrum of household odors. From pet, kitchen or
bath odors to cigar and cigarette smoke, Fresh Wave spray neutralizes
even the toughest odors, leaving a clean, natural-smelling environment.
Use wherever there are odors: throughout your home, at the gym, when
you travel, on your boat, in your recreational vehicle or auto.

Add a little freshness wherever you need it! Fresh Wave spray is the
go-anywhere odor neutralizer. Spritz to remove troublesome smells in
any of room of your house, your car, boat, or RV, even fabrics.*


Simply shake the container lightly and spray into the air. Spray can
also be applied directly to fabrics* such as pillows, sofas, beds -
even your clothes. The natural fragrance of Fresh Wave spray dissipates
as the odor is absorbed.

*Before spraying, check fabric for colorfastness by testing a small,
inconspicuous area.

Manufacturer Part No.: 003

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