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Fresh Wave Pearl Packs 5 Sachets

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MODEL: CS-8338

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Fresh Wave Pearl Packs 5 Sachets Description

Non-toxic and non-irritating, Fresh Wave neutralizes odors without
relying on harmful chemicals. Instead, our products are made up of
natural ingredients, so they’re safe to use around people and

With harsh chemicals, masking fragrances and unknown fillers, you
should be turning your nose up at the contents of traditional air
fresheners. Ditch the aerosol can and experience the unmatched
odor-eliminating power of Fresh Wave.

Perfect for active lifestyles, Fresh Wave Pearl Packs easily combat
odors in gym or sports bags, lockers, shoes, even athletic equipment.
Just drop one in wherever you need a boost of freshness and that
distinctive smell magically destroys odors.

Each jar contains five packs. One sachet will keep things odor
free for approximately 25 days.

Safely neutralizes odors for the naturally green home. A natural
solution for eliminating household and pet odors, the active
ingredients are a proprietary blend of soya, extracts of lime, pine
needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. Contains no harsh chemicals or
harmful VOCs. There are no masking fragrances, so they are safe for use around people and pets.

Manufacturer Part No.: 064

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