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Fresh Wave 6 oz Carpet Shake

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MODEL: CS-8336

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Fresh Wave 6 oz Carpet Shake Description

Fresh Wave Carpet Shake is a new and unique way to neutralize odors
that can be deeply embedded in the pile. Over time even with routine
cleaning odors can resurface. With Fresh Wave Carpet Shake you can
eliminate the problems that come from cooking spill odors, smoking or
pet markings! Shake, sprinkle on the odor spot, (dry not wet) brush in,
leave for 10 minutes and vacuum up! 

You worked hard to remove that carpet stain, but the odor still
remains. No need to pull it up – remove the odor quickly and
easily with Fresh Wave Carpet Shake.

Carpet Shake can also be used on upholstered furniture and car

Removes odors, best to use after cleaning damp; drying carpet.

Manufacturer Part No.: 078

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