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D4CSE Main Motor Assembly Parts Shipping Information

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  1. Genuine Rainbow Carbon Motor Brush 1/2" Wide   Manufacturer Part No.: R2421
  2. Generic Bearing Upper, lower for Rainbow D4C/SE and Seperator end of D3C
  3. Generic Motor Plate Flange for Rainbow all Models
  4. Generic Motor Carbon Brush for Rainbow D4C - D4CSE
  5. Genuine Rainbow Carbon Motor Brush 5/8" Wide   Manufacturer Part No.: R5125
  6. Genuine Rainbow Armature Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: R5319
  7. Genuine Rainbow Armature Shaft Nut   Manufacturer Part No.: H526B
  8. Genuine Rainbow Bearing Boot   Manufacturer Part No.: R1987B
  9. Genuine Rainbow Slinger Ring   Manufacturer Part No.: R1979B
  10. Replacement Rainbow Fan Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: 78-8605-04
  11. Genuine Rainbow Retaining Ring

    Genuine Rainbow Retaining Ring

  12. Genuine Rainbow Lower Housing Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: R4612
  13. Genuine Rainbow Lower Housing and Inner Baffle Plate Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: R2774
  14. Genuine Rainbow Motor O-Ring Gasket

    Genuine Rainbow Motor O-Ring Gasket

  15. Genuine Rainbow Motor Insulator Washer    Manufacturer Part No.: R2646B
  16. Genuine Rainbow Field Assembly

    Genuine Rainbow Field Assembly

  17. Genuine Rainbow Main Motor for D4-D4CSE   Manufacturer Part No.: R3242
  18. Genuine Rainbow Motor Cooling Fan   Manufacturer Part No.: R3277
  19. Genuine Rainbow Separator   Manufacturer Part No.: R4100
  20. Genuine Rainbow Spider  Manufacturer Part No.: R4101
  21. Genuine Rainbow Carbon Brush Holder for 5/8" Brush   Manufacturer Part No.: R5124
  22. Genuine Rainbow Motor Gasket Flange   Manufacturer Part No.: R747
  23. Genuine Rainbow Flange Screw

    Genuine Rainbow Flange Screw

  24. Genuine Rainbow Screw

    Genuine Rainbow Screw


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Set Descending Direction

Items 1-24 of 41

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