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D4C Power Nozzle and Power Nozzle Parts Shipping Information

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We gladly ship to APO and FPO addresses using the USPS. We also ship to select foreign countries, a list of which is shown on the checkout screen. There are no returns on items shipped to foreign countries.

We also offer free shipping on orders over $50 for items shipped to the continental United States using USPS Parcel Post.

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  1. Generic Pivot Arm and Housing for Rainbow Power Nozzle 2800
  2. Genuine Rainbow "E" Clip

    Genuine Rainbow "E" Clip

  3. Genuine Rainbow Bearing Assembly

    Genuine Rainbow Bearing Assembly

  4. Genuine Rainbow Bottom Plate Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: R2004
  5. Genuine Rainbow Bottom Plate Gasket (2 strips)   Manufacturer Part No.: R2003
  6. Genuine Rainbow Brushroll Assembly (Belt on the Side)   Manufacturer Part No.: R1866
  7. Genuine Rainbow Circuit Breaker, 2.5 Amp   Manufacturer Part No.: R8452B
  8. Genuine Rainbow Felt Seal for Brushroll   Manufacturer Part No.: R1692B
  9. Genuine Rainbow Motor Bracket

    Genuine Rainbow Motor Bracket

  10. Genuine Rainbow Motor Screw for Power Nozzle
  11. Genuine Rainbow Pivot Arm and Housing Assembly   Manufacturer Part No.: R3300
  12. Genuine Rainbow Pivot Arm for R-2800 / R-4375C  Manufacturer Part No.: R2801
  13. Genuine Rainbow Power Nozzle Cord 138"   Manufacturer Part No.: R2496
  14. Genuine Rainbow Power Nozzle Motor   Manufacturer Part No.: R1871
  15. Genuine Rainbow Rear Bushing   Manufacturer Part No.: R4663B
  16. Genuine Rainbow Rubber End Cap for Brushroll   Manufacturer Part No.: R2443B
  17. Genuine Rainbow Screw

    Genuine Rainbow Screw

  18. Genuine Rainbow Slide Valve   Manufacturer Part No.: R1990
  19. Genuine Rainbow Slide Valve Guide  Manufacturer Part No.: R2775
  20. Rainbow Belt for All Rainbow Models - Generic Part No.: 13509
  21. Rainbow Vacuum Belt - Genuine - Part No. 1699

    Rainbow Vacuum Belt - Genuine - Part No. 1699

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    As low as: $1.75
  22. Replacement Rainbow Brushroll Assembly (Belt on the side)
  23. Reset / Circuit Breaker for Power Nozzle P.E. & PN2 Power Nozzle

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