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Blueair Air Purifier 503

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MODEL: Blueair 503

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Blueair Air Purifier 503 Description

Blueair 503

Stylish simplicity

Living spaciously? The Blueair
503 is an excellent choice for people
living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for
anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air.

Designed for large rooms up to
54 m2
(580 sq. ft.), the 
Blueair 503 effectively purifies indoor air. This powerful air purifier
offers quiet operation by gently diffusing air through an area six
times greater than the average air cleaner, thanks to its

This provides an exceptional
air exchange rate and better indoor air
quality. Plus you can easily move the Blueair 503 around your living
space thanks to convenient caster wheels.

At a glance

• Ideal for large rooms (580 ft2
or 54 m2)

• 99.97% filtration efficiency

• Energy Star®

• Available in white/dark grey>


The union of visually pleasing
form and effective function is a
hallmark of Swedish design, and Blueair is no exception. The Blueair
503 is designed for maximum performance in large rooms. Available in
white or dark grey, it suits your distinct style of living. Convenient
caster wheels lets you easily move your Blueair from room to room.


Blueair's patented
HEPASilent™ technology combines the best features
of electrostatic and mechanical filter technology to enable the
delivery of more clean air at a faster rate with less noise.
Phenomenally low power usage minimizes energy consumption. Plus Blueair
air purifiers actually reduce the levels of ozone in indoor air.


SurroundAir™ system achieves peak performance by drawing
in dirty air from the sides and bottom and releasing clean, filtered
air from the sides and top. Cleaned air that is free of impurities is
recirculated into the room.

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