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32 oz Koblenz Wax Stripper

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MODEL: KO-2005726

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32 oz Koblenz Wax Stripper Description

The Wax Stripper designed to remove old floor finishes and floor waxesand can be used with all floor buffers.  It can remove floorwaxes like carnauba, floor finishes based acrylic, copolymers, andmetal crosslink, and also floor sealers made of acrylic and water basedurethane.

Dilute with warm water.  For heavy build-up use 1 part cleanerto 4 parts water.  For normal build-up use 1 part cleaner to10 parts water. 

Follow all instruction according to machine instructions

  •  Dilute and fill tank with water first then addcleaner stripper and mix.
  •  Use the buffer with green scrubbing pads orscrubbing brushes..
  •  Apply diluted solution with circular motion asyou proceed from side to side.
  •  Use a squeegee or mop to remove excesswater. 
  •  Rinse thoroughly to remove alkaline and let dry
  •  For a protective finish, apply Koblenz High GlossProtective Floor Finish.
  • Manufacturer Part No.: 20-0572-6

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