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32 oz Koblenz Neutral PH-Balanced Cleaner

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MODEL: KO-2005825

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32 oz Koblenz Neutral PH-Balanced Cleaner Description

The Koblenz Heavy Duty Cleaner is a professional grade of cleaners thatare designed to be used with all floor buffers.  It isspecially pH balanced so that it is safe to clean all floors. The Neutral Cleaner cleans delicate floors like: hardwood, marble,terrazzo and linoleum without damaging the floor.  It does notcontain harsh abrasives that might leave a film or dull finish on thefloor.

For heavy grease and oil use 1 part cleaner to 2-5 partswater.  For wet mopping and sponging use 1 part cleaner to 40to 80 parts water. 

Instructions: Machine Use only
Follow all instruction according to machine instructions.

  •  Dilute cleaner 1 part cleaner to 40 partswater.  Fill tank with water first then add cleaner and mix.
  •  Use the buffer with tan cleaning pads.
  •  Apply diluted solution with circular motion asyou proceed from side to side.
  •  Work only areas of 4-5 square feet at a time.
  •  Use a squeegee or mop to remove excesswater.  No rinsing is needed.
  •  For a protective finish, apply Koblenz High GlossProtective Floor Finish or buff directly with dry tan pads.
  • Manufacturer Part No.: 20-0587-4

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