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32 oz Koblenz Heavy Duty Cleaner

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MODEL: KO-2005833

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32 oz Koblenz Heavy Duty Cleaner Description

The Koblenz  Heavy Duty Cleaner is a professional grade ofcleaners that are designed to be used with all floor buffers. It is an excellent cleaner for embedded dirt and grease.  TheHeavy Duty Cleaner is great to clean kitchens and bathroomsflooring.  Also, we eliminate spots and stains oncarpets.  Safe on ceramic tile, vinyl, concrete and most nonporous floors.  It can also be used as a degreaser!

For heavy cleaning use 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water.  Fornormal cleaning use 1 part cleaner to 20 parts water.  Forlight cleaning use 1 part cleaner to 40 parts water.

Instructions: Machine Use only
Follow all instruction according to machine instructions.

  •      Dilute cleaneraccording to needs.  Fill with water first then add heavy dutycleaner and mix.
  •      Use the bufferwith scrubbing brushes or green scrubbing pads.
  •      Apply dilutedsolution with circular motion as you proceed from side to side.
  •     Work only areas of 4-5square feet at a time.
  •      Use a squeegee ormop to remove excess water
  •      For a protectivefinish, apply Koblenz High Gloss Protective Floor Finish or buffdirectly with dry tan pads.
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